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About Us

Who We Are

Quality is more than our name; it’s our heritage!

ATC, Saudi Local Manufacturer Company established in 1997 with philosophy of (Power to life) which relentless pursuit in excellence through attention to details in the production of high-quality electrical products.

Arabian Transformers Co. has international presences and leadership position in the market for manufacturing electrical distribution transformers “oil /dry”, low voltage products, switchgear and other application and services.

Arabian Transformers co based in 2nd industrial city in Dammam in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At Arabian Transformers Company we proud of our team & committed to offer our customers the confidence of highly experienced experts in design, manufacture, test and service support.

Arabian Transformers Company has been operating in the transformer manufacturing sector for over 25years, Experience, Technical know-how and continuous development activities which were the key factors of the production model developed in ATC . the company wide focus is clear – applying our technological experience to contribute to society and enhance quality of life around the global.

From manufacturing base in Saudi Arabia, we deliver solutions to a wide variety of industries and customers around the world.

ATC has Successes to gain a substantial market share in the Saudi Arabia & regional markets through suppling thousands of high-quality electrical transformers to leading public and private utilities which lead ATC products to be popular & widely known.

ATC aims to disseminate and apply the guiding principles of the lean manufacturing model by continuous improvement, adding value to processes & using Lean tools and techniques .

For ATC, The quality of the products it supplies, the protection of the health of workers and the community, risk prevention and environmental protection are strategic, priority equal objectives which's lead ATC, to pursue the continuous improvement over time of a Management System compliant with ISO standards.

In ATC, we believe that Power to Life is always a solution represent superior value through our world class capabilities, relationships, specialist knowledge, proven reliabilities and comply with all applicable regulation and standards, Here our customers can be assured the Quality Solution .

Proudly Arabian Transformers company is Saudi Local Manufacturer Company.


Business as usual is not an option!

Planning of 2030 vision rich in natural resources and economic gain opportunities ,now days the country converge investments from all around the world for it's stability and legal certainty. The future of the kingdom Saudi Arabia is one of huge promises and great potential long-term goals and expectations and reflects our country’s strengths and capabilities.

We have believe the growing energy demand drive us to built clever for life philosophy represents grander ​value and a critical to act now to protect the climate while meeting the growing demand.

Since its foundation in 1997, Arabian Transformers Company has always maintained a policy of expansion and development in times of rapid economic growth.

Thanks to the resilience of its forward looking vision and a robust adaptation to an ever changing economic environment, ATC has maintained stable growth and is in a condition of strength with which to enter a new era of expansion.

We have great faith in the future of the KSA and we look forward to participating in its continuing success.

Saad Bin Sleeb Al Otaibi


ATC products are designed and manufactured to meet your needs, with clever innovation delivering quality solutions.

ATC products comply with Saudi and international standards and the company is committed to a consistent quality approach.

With the ISO 9001:2015 standard, it guarantees our clients a product and service that meets their needs as well as applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


ATC strives to lead Electrical Industry in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and MENA region.


Enriching Power to life through providing innovative and sustainable Electrical distribution solutions.


Provide the highest level of satisfaction to our valued customers through enhancing their experience by supplying innovative products design excellences & services with a commitment towards applying best quality practices in manufacturing & comply with all applicable international regulation and standards.


ATC Company proud of our team whose combined technical and operational knowledge to provide our customers the confidence of ATC offered solution in every aspect of design , manufacturing ,testing , logistic and in field services .

ATC team developed over many years of experience in daily challenges and accumulate vast experience in depth understanding to build a unique solutions & allow our customers enjoying partnership experience .

ATC committed to provide an excellent and challenging work environments, supporting and training our people to led industry-leading staff retention.

Our core values towards our employees are the same that we apply to our customers: providing all the elements to succeed and build a greener future of Energy cooperating with our partners, customers and employees.


The core is constructed using thin sheets of cold rolled grain oriented magnetic silicon steel of low losses insulated on both sides. The steel sheets of 0.23 to 0.3 mm thick cut at an angle of 45º allowing Max. Magnetic fluxes to minimize the core losses & to increase the efficiency the lamination sheets are stacked in layers overlapping each other and are compressed to form a firm bonded whole which minimized the sound.

The winding is made of enameled high conductivity copper & aluminum coated with polyester- IMED (PEI) of class H (200C) and each layer isolated with electrical insulation paper of high Temp. Class “between” 120–200C according to the required specification which specify the Temp. Class of the transformer as A, B, F & H.

The core is stacked as E shape and the winding is pushed over the core legs & fill the space between the core and winding as much as possible. Then close the upper yoke with the lamination of the core legs to complete magnetic circuit &Then we start connecting the winding to the bushing & tap changer if available, and then we make the ratio test.

Dry type: Fabricated from 1.5 – 2mm thick steel sheet treated and painted with curing powder of color RAL- 7033(Cement Grey). Removable parts are bolted together to provide flexibility during assembly. Sufficient Ventilation is provided for maximum air circulation for longer life of the transformer.

Before closing the transformers we keep the active part in drier room for 24 to 36 hours then under vacuum to remove all the moisture from the insulation materials, then the oil transformers is filled with high quality mineral oil.

Tanks fabricated from heavy gauge steel sheet are electrically welded to make sure that no oil leaks & humidity or dust entering inside the tank is treated & painted with curing powder paint RAL-7033 or RAL-7035 (Cement Grey) over which a coat of liquid paint is applied.

TIt will be done on each transformer According to IEC or any relevant international standards to comply with client requirement as per company procedure .