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Services and Maintenance

ATC is providing special offers for plants maintenance and service works. STD aim for provide continuous and trouble-free working of electrical equipment, and improve power quality.

Our service & maintenance activities, targets and advantages:

    • Increase the equipment's operation life and performance
    • Decrease the operating cost
    • Provide the operation of equipment's in continues and high performance
    • Troubleshooting by predictive maintenance before equipment's failure
    • Prevent the unexpected failure

7/24 Emergency Maintenance

    • In case of unexpected faults, we can support our customers instantly
    • We work 7/24 and support our customers at most 72 Hrs after the failure occurs
    • We can support our customers within all kind of service (Test and Commissioning) activities

01Transformers Installation:

One of our core business is installation of accessories , oil treatment, transformer oil’s chemical and electrical tests for distribution trans- former which we have been given a services with well equipped staffs and equipment's for a long time.

02The Assembly of Transformers:

    • Installation of Distribution Transformers
    • The Site Test of Distribution Transformers
    • Test & Commissioning Service
    • Assembly/Disassembly of Transformer Accessories

03The Maintenance of Transformers and Test:

  • Life time of a transformer is 20-30 years in operation respectively.
  • Life time of a transformer can be increase up to 40 years by periodical maintenances on yearly basis.
  • ATC is your solution partner for the maintenance of transformers with specialist engineers and high tech test devices

04Periodic Maintenance:

  • Periodic maintenance is planned maintenance activities at predeter- mined time intervals, based on calendar days or runtime hours of machines.
  • The point is repair or replacement of damaged equipment is carried out before obvious problems occur.
  • ATC can provide special solutions for customers ,also we can support our customers within all kind of service (Test and Commissioning) activities.

05High Voltage Substations and Equipments:

  • Control and Distribution Panels
  • Medium Voltage Substations, Cubicles and Circuit Breaker Maintenance

06Transformer Maintenance:

  • Dry Type Transformers
  • Oil Type Transformers
  • On Load Tap Changer Maintenance
  • Relay Calibration and Maintenance
  • Compensation Panel and System Maintenance
  • Earthing Measurement
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Busbar and Bus duct Maintenance
  • Customer Training